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Daphne's Animal Head Cover - Dog Yorkshire Terrier

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Daphne's Yorkshire Terrier Golf Head Cover fits all fairway woods and drivers up to 500cc. Used by serveral PGA and LPGA professionals to protect their equipment, Daphne's has been making golf club headcovers for over 20-years and quality is inherent in each Daphne's Headcover, from frabric to stitching.
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Daphne's Animal Head Cover - Dog Yorkshire Terrier



• Fits all Fairway Woods and Drivers up to 500cc.

• Each animal headcover comes with a 100% guarantee. Customers can use the toll-free number to call Daphne's directly, where each staff member is empowered to solve the problem, regardless of what it is!

• Quality is inherent in each headcover with thread that is 4 times the necessary strength, and fabrics designed to fend off the wear and tear of the sun's UV rays!

• Each Daphne's Headcover is first and foremost the best quality headcover of any kind on the market, and has the added bonus of being your favorite animal!

• They are twice as plush and lined with a thick, synthetic sheepskin to protect your equipment!

• Daphne's animals are washable! Quality fur allows them to be hand washed, dry cleaned, or spot washed. After washing, line-dry the animals and blow dry them to fluff the fur back up!

• Different fabrics used to provide the desired looks and textures, i.e., Leopard-spotted coat, Golden Retriever-short and curly fur, or Shih Tzu-long fur!

• Join the players that are proud to carry a Daphne's Headcover: Tiger Woods ("Frank" the Tiger), Justin Leonard (Yellow Lab), Rich Beam (Chicken), Gene Sauers (Rottweiller), Craig Stadler (Walrus), Audra Burks (Dachshund), Dottie Pepper (Shih Tzu), Kelli Kuehne (Bulldog) and on!

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